CONEXIM is an international trading company which specializes in sourcing, marketing, logistics and sales of products.

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Laskowskiego 16
61-407 Poznań, Poland

Adres WWW:


PL 783-151-07-01

+48 61 677 25 20

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Adres: Przy Autostradzie 9

62-030 Luboń, Poland

Telefon: +48 61 677 25 20


We represent several leading producers from the construction branch being part of their business development and sales teams. Our international success is based on customer satisfaction. We aim to enhance value by offering our customers a distinct range of construction, home improvement and DIY products.  All products offered are characterized by a concept approach and intensive marketing. We combine solid values such as reliability and quality of products with modern and intelligent marketing concepts and solutions.  We guarantee sustainable product innovation and, therefore, higher added, long-term value for our customers. Our products meet the highest standards for design, technology and environmental awareness and create great value for our customers and for society.